My Story

My Story began many, many lifetimes ago when I acknowledged my heart's desire to figure out this thing we call life, and to lead myself and others into ever greater awareness, clarity of mind, joy, happiness, and ever increasing quality of life!


In this life however, I decided to take on some very difficult challenges including a separation from my mother as an infant, sexual molestation, and severe emotional trauma. Even though I had an amazing family who loved me, I never felt it because I had so many conflicting beliefs! 


· I am unlovable

· Nobody likes me

· They would be better off without me

· I don’t deserve to be here 

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Education and Training

Heather has studied extensively in the following areas:


A.A. Brevard Community College

B.A. Finance, Florida Atlantic University

B.A. International Business and Trade, Florida Atlantic University

-Other areas of study included Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Psychology.


Usui/Holy Fire Master Reiki Teacher -Divine Love Institute

Akashic Record Professional-Divine Love Institute


Breathwork Faciliator-Sacred Breathing


Clinical Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists, Divine Love Institute

NFNLP Master Practitioner, Divine Love Institute

Certified Akashic Life Coach, Divine Love Institute

Licensed Akashic Instructor, Divine Love Institute


Dynamic Spin Release, NLP of CA

Simpson Protocol