Create Your Best Life Ever.

Create Your Best Life Ever.Create Your Best Life Ever.Create Your Best Life Ever.

The clarity you need for uplifting your life,

with Heather Certified Akashic Life Coach in Sedona


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Intuitive Akashic Coaching


UPLIFTing Together

My intention is to guide you through a process of seeing and feeling what your best life ever feels like! As we journey through your heart's desires, we will pinpoint thoughts, beliefs and patterns that serve you well, and those that need some updating!!  Our time together will nourish your spirit and support your highest and best good, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can blossom and emerge. 

With extensive experience spanning from Manifesting Principles to Regeneration/Healing to Building Successful, sustainable businesses,  I can offer you fully individualized support, expertise and practical tools,  healing and guidance for your specific goals, needs and desires! 

This is how we UPLift together!


Experience Success

Living your best life ever is not just some crazy idea!! It is something I live and breath each day with my family and friends, business partners, and pets.

 Its something that begins as a thought and sparks into an emotion, then into  action and then to uplifting changes in your life. 

Allow me to guide you through a diagnostic process that will allow us to pin point the most effective uses of your time, energy and other resources to allow you to experience your own continuous success, healing and joy-

creating your best life ever!


Supportive Journey

Committing to a more beneficial lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. 

But believe me when I tell you it IS POSSIBLE and totally Worth it!!! 

Living the life You imagine for yourself in the best way possible will bring you happiness, success, fulfillment, vibrant health, new possibilities and opportunities as well as clarity of what you want and the best way to get there. 

My personal commitment is to provide you with powerful tools, insights, spiritual guidance, healing, accountability, compassion, action steps and knowledge that allow you to call forward the best version of yourself right here and now.

UPlift yourself! 

UPlift Your LIFE!



Heather is so good as seeing the highest possible version of you and then giving you specific techniques to align with that version and bring it into the "here and now" (as she would say). Her insights on health and healing the body heave helped me enormously as I have been able to heal conditions and now I am forever able to let those symptoms go and realign with amazing health. She helped me reconstruct my business to receive higher self care which then allowed me to consistently double my income over and over again. I am forever grateful for her. 

-C.J.W. Arizona


 Heather is the shining light that I needed. I was feeling unfocused, uncertain and confused the past few months before Heather came into my life. I just moved to Arizona from across the ocean and I'm changing careers, and on top of that I have been pulled through deep pools of empathy these past eight months. I felt like I was navigating a dark path with a poorly lit flashlight at night. After my consultation with Heather, I feel like I'm walking in broad daylight on my highest path again. She pulled small suggestive information out of my records that there is no way she would have known to tell me such intriguing information (like my affinity for totem animals and to take them as a sign). We went over personalized affirmations, how to use the dreamstate to benefit myself, guided meditations just for me, changing belief systems, and some information of my past, present and future.  

Heather is a very grounded nurturer and I'm aligned with her practicality. I've had two readings as of now and next I want a hypnosis!  My next session I want to just focus on my relationship with money and my one last addiction (which are probably related).  

Invest in your own clarity and empowerment - schedule a session with Heather! 

-D.L.B Arizona 


 Heather is a beautiful soul and a clear channel for Akashic information.  My reading was very practical and helpful and enabled me to make some clear decisions quickly about where to go in life.  I'm very discerning about who I will allow to read for me or give me energy healing ~ as a long time healer myself, I've learned the hard way that it is crucial to work with high level people who have done their own work and walk their talk - there are a lot of spiritual healers and psychics I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!

I really enjoyed the format of the Akashic reading.  Heather takes the time to make sure that both she and her client are in clarity with what the records are saying; she and I both asked questions as we went so that I got exactly the information I needed.  She is so down-to-earth and lovely - no pretense, no ego - just presence, effective listening, and great results!  Very uplifting.

Can't wait to see her again for hypnosis next time :) 

-S.E. Arizona

Can you believe it?

Now available!

Looking for long term support through a major transition? 

Call Heather for pricing on packages of 6 or 12 sessions. These session can be Akashic reading, Akashic Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Healing or a mix of all 4. 

All packages can be modified to suit your individual needs and are all inclusive! They include the cost of individualized recordings and content aimed to support you creating the best probable outcomes for any transitional time!


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