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Uplift YOUR Life

Fully Integrate this into your Current LIfe

Get Really Clear on What YOU Want

Empower yourself with powerful and effective tools that support you in blossoming into your highest and best version of yourself.  


Get Really Clear on What YOU Want

Fully Integrate this into your Current LIfe

Get Really Clear on What YOU Want

Allow me to guide you into the deepest of connections with the most brilliant part of yourself to gain clarity on the life you want while figuring out solutions to your most pressing challenges!


Fully Integrate this into your Current LIfe

Fully Integrate this into your Current LIfe

Fully Integrate this into your Current LIfe

Gain Clarity, Insight, Action Steps, Intuitive Answers and Guidance that allow you to fully integrate this new plan for your BEST LIFE EVER into your current now moment!!



Akashic Reading/Soul Healing/DNA Re-Programming

In this session, you can look forward to gaining clarity and answers to questions you have about your health, relationships, traveling, starting a business, a course of treatment for a given condition or illness, as well as next step for attaining a goal, as we access your Akashic Record or Book of Life! 

While in your Akashic records we can also reveal past life influences that are affecting you now as well as ancestral or karmic patterns and detailed information on exactly how to shift these! In this very powerful place, we can also release agreements and vows taken from this life, or other lines of time (ie past lives) as well as access information regarding your soul purpose and lessons. Accessing your Akashic Records can also reveal the soul purpose of current or past challenges and allow you to move beyond your current perceptions into a greater awareness, clarity of mind and understanding of the larger vista of reality.

Treat yourself to an inward adventure, greater than any you have even imagined!

Creating Your Ideal Life Sessions

In creating your ideal life sessions, we will pinpoint any beliefs that are non beneficial to your current goals in life through powerful guided meditations, journaling, visualizations, and accessing your Akashic Records.

We will evaluate and reprogram any belief systems and patterns that are creating a self sabotaging effect. We will establish new and more beneficial beliefs and anchor them into your cellular memories via visualizations, hypnosis, and other powerful tools. Open yourself to receive the plethora of abundance that is offered to you from a generous and abundant field of existence! You are capable, worthy, and deserving of a happy, healthy, wealthy life!

Manifesting Principles Workshop

Bring clarity, speed,  power and strength to your manifesting skills by learning the essential steps for bringing a thought or desire for something through the ethers and into your current life!!

With these proven, powerful and effective steps, you will impress yourself with how quickly situations begin to shift in your life.  What many people don't understand about manifesting is that there is method to it and each step is not more important than any other. They all work together to create a poweful force in your life. Unfortunately there are so many books and programs that leave out many of the critical steps, leaving many to feel like these things are just lofty ideas and ideals, but in reality they are actually mechanical ways to affect the field of existence that surrounds you! 

YOU are creating all the time whether you realize it or not and if you are not creating the life that you want, I can show you exactly how to fine tune your daily life so that you begin to see and feel more of your heart's desires.

Healing and Hiking with Heather

Whether in a group or as an indivudual, come enjoy this personalized healing session among the amazing red rocks of Sedona! We will venture out to a perfect site of vortex energy all while using breathwork, healing instruction, guided meditation and of course the enhanced energies provided by the stunning and powerful red rocks!

Vortex sites provide enhanced electromagnetic frequencies and anomolies that allow each person to go deeper within, while silmutaneously enjoying natures majesty, beauty, peace and harmony. 

YOU will gain practical steps for self healing and rejuvination as well as strengthening your connection to your own inner guidance, enabling you to continue this work beyond our time together. Gain insights into the spiritual purpose behind your current challenges and gain practical action steps as well of great clarity of mind so that you have all the tools you need to move closer to the life you envision for yourself!

Life Strategies Coaching Session

Creating your best life ever starts here!! Enjoy a personal coaching session with customized action steps specifically aimed at attaining one or more of your most important life goals. 

My personal areas of expertise are:

  • Health and healing  (Including MS, Severe Depression/Anxiety, Bi-Polar, OCD, Auto Immune Disorders, Chronic illnesses, Endocrine System challenges including Thyroid, Gum and teeth health, Spinal challenges, Migraines, Food Allergies, Psoriasis and many others! )
  • Relationship optimization
  • Obtaining or creating your most uplifting living space
  • Attracting clients or jobs where your skills, talents and abilities are valued and you are well compensated
  • Shifting/integrating of past traumas for a happier/healthier now
  • Life purpose clarification
  • Starting a successful, uplifting, sustainable business
  • Pet health and soul information
  • Energetic balancing and hygiene
  • Vision Board Creation

This session also includes daily action steps that will assist you in succeeding, even through challenges or obstacles that arise. We will pinpoint strengths as well as areas of opportunity for you and connect to your heart's desires as we access the best course of action to achieve your desired results!

Create Your Best Life Ever


UPlift yourself! UPlift YOUR Life!

In this most comprehensive program, we will get you from point A to point B with regular coaching sessions, uplifting activities, healing, heightened awareness and even some fun with Heather!!

Create your best life ever using our powerful tools and methods so that upon completion of our time together, you have many documented and notable achievements in your real, current life!!